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By default, the above screen prompts you to enter an email so that you create a Microsoft account.

If you wish to create a Microsoft account, enter your email address and click on the Next button.

To start using One Drive, go to One, and click Sign In. When you get the code, type it in here and then click Next.

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To purchase and download content from the i Tunes Store, you need an Apple ID.Your Apple ID is the account that you use to access Apple services.It is advised that each account on the computer be setup as a Standard User, which has limited permissions, so that it is harder for malware to infect the computer.You should then create a separate account that will be for the Administrator of the computer.Windows 8 also introduces the ability to create and login as a Local account or a Microsoft account.

A Local account is an account that is local to your computer and is not integrated into any of Microsoft's online services.

This account, though, would only be used to administer the computer as necessary and would not be used as a day-to-day account.

Using this security plan significantly reduces the chance of your computer becoming infected.

This account is the same as what was used in previous Windows versions.

A Microsoft account, which was previously known as a Windows Live ID, is an online account that you register with Microsoft and that allows you to integrate all of Microsoft's online services into Windows 8.

You will be brought to a screen where Windows will ask again if you are sure you wish to make a Local account.