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The minute Brianna saw Ana exit the plane she was running to meet her.

It was as if they were old friends seeing each other for the first time after several years had past. They whispered to each other, almost simultaneously, "I love you." After retrieving Ana's luggage, they had lunch and then headed for home. Upon arriving at their home, Brianna suggested that Ana take a nice long, hot bubble bath to help relax her.

So as time went by it came to pass that Brianna and Gary paid for Ana's transportation in order for her to visit. It had been a long (at least it seemed long) and stressful flight for Ana, for she was fearful of flying.

Soon they were both sitting in the tub enjoying the bubbles. She was easy to talk to, she was so caring and loving.

They continued their conversation, slowly moving closer to each other as they talked. Her hands were so soft and gentle as they roamed over her body. Ana reached for Brianna's breast and gently cupped it in her hand. Ana had the overwhelming desire to suck and lick on Brianna's breast.

Ana wanted very much to meet, in person, the two people she was in love with.

And Brianna and Gary were just as eager to have Ana for a visit.

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It was a very lovely bathroom, very large with pastel pinks and blues as the main colors.

And the tub was so big, it could have easily fit several people at one time.

She was online doing some E-mail when suddenly she got an interesting IM(instant message).

She also learned that Brianna was married to a wonderful man named Gary. Much like herself, although Ana had yet to experience a Polyamory relationship. After a few weeks Brianna introduced Ana to Gary, via .

Then she slowly slid her finger into Brianna's pussy. It was the most wonderful bubble bath Ana had ever had.