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Then I remember him getting up at 2 in the morning to soothe our crying 3-year-old, so I decide to be still and just think about a morning quickie instead of having one. Realize that I have been toying with the idea of a possible midday quickie to replace the lost one from this morning. Taking a shower with new body wash that smells like gardenias. Hubby goes to hug me right before hopping into bed, and I'm like, I hope he doesn't want to have sex tonight. I think this sparks our love senses or something, and we end up in the throes of drunken passion. If that doesn't kill the sex drive, I don't know what will. My father-in-law comes over and brings Guitar Hero World Tour for my daughter. I am working two part-time jobs, running my jewelry business, and raising an almost 8-year-old. We both feel out of sync with each other, and it shows in how we deal with each other in stressful situations.

Suddenly, I'm in Maui on vacation again and can practically hear the waves off our lanai...remembering a back massage on the chaise lounge late one night and the vacation sex that followed. I'm in the car with my husband and son on the way to the beach for the weekend. Hard not to think about sex a little bit when surrounded by pregnant people and their partners. Husband and I decide to get ready for bed and then watch the video of the ultrasound he missed today..the DVD is blank. It is fairly humorous, but much needed for our relationship. My husband and I really love each other and love to have sex.

In fact, some of us are contemplating X-rated interludes while on the elliptical at the gym, while stuck in traffic, or even while on the couch during our favorite TV shows. Go ahead, indulge in a quick fantasy about the bag boy while you're waiting on line at the grocery store — exploring your own imaginative hot zone keeps you connected to your sexual self, even when your real sex life is in a cool phase. All I can think about is that he is watching my butt!

Some nights you get to have "college sex," and some nights you just try not to throw up. There was a time in our lives when we could do that — and we did! I trust there will be a new sexual rhythm waiting to be discovered on the other side — and it will no doubt have a new layer of intensity to it that I'm looking forward to. Wake up and contemplate dragging my listless body to the shower. I was actually really into watching the show, and our TV room was freezing. I am incredibly lucky in that I'm almost always ready for sex. Also, my son and daughter are both at home tonight.

There was a trip to the East Coast once when we didn't leave the hotel room for almost 36 hours straight. THE MOODY MOMMY Laurel, 37, is an office manager from Denver who is having trouble keeping the spark in her 14-year marriage. I debate if a shower is really necessary or if extra sleep is needed. I tell my husband about this journal I'm keeping, and he starts getting much more affectionate with me. We're in the living room watching is a fairly racy show, and it really gets my blood pumping. I think it comes from having 20 years of little to no attention from my husband, finding out what I was missing, and not wanting to lose a second more. Decide to wake Matthew up with oral sex, and he's pleasantly surprised. While in the bath-tub, fantasize about having sex later tonight with Matthew. Bored at work, I go to the bathroom and fantasize about masturbating after work. Matthew and I pick up on our vibe from earlier this morning and have sex before bed. I stay in bed and masturbate thinking about a woman I saw on the street yesterday. At my desk, I pass the time by fantasizing about having sex with the boyfriend. I am very careful about the rate at which I expose my kids to Matthew, and for now, he is not allowed to move in with me. Sitting at my desk, I fantasize about masturbating in the bathroom at work, but decide not to do it.

It often feels like every 10 minutes, there's another article by another expert who has come up with four new, no-fail, 100 percent orgasm-guaranteeing positions that will work for all women (girl on top, doggy-style with vibrator, headstand during a full moon in January, missionary while wearing Dr. When these methods fail to make rainbows shoot out of our crotches, a lot of the time, we end up blaming ourselves for doing them "wrong." But there's no such thing as a "no-fail" orgasm technique that will work for every woman — we're all built differently, we like and dislike different things, and we have different vaginattention spans.

The only way we can figure out what works for us is to conduct our own research, and then come to our own conclusions (luckily, conducting this research is usually pretty fun).

So to encourage you in your future fact-finding endeavors, we surveyed 39 different women on how they really like to get off with their partners.

Use their answers for inspiration, motivation, or to help you plan your Saturday.

)." "Licking my nipples and speaking in a sexy voice.

Like, it almost doesn't matter what you say, as long as it isn't racist, homophobic, sexist, involves calling you 'daddy,' or seeking validation.

"On my hands and knees, stimulating myself clitorally, while someone else stimulates me vaginally.

Some anal stimulation doesn't hurt, either (and if it does, you're doing it wrong)." Three other women also singled out clitoral stimulation as their one-way ticket to Pleasure Town.

We hope these sneak peeks into other women's sex lives will give you permission to think about sex just as often (or maybe even as THE EXPECTANT MOTHER Tracy,* 35, is a stay-at-home mom from San Antonio who is seven months pregnant. He hits the snooze button and rolls toward me, arm draping over my pregnant belly. Like I get too overwhelmed by the thought of having sex, so I don't want to get anywhere near him — not even for a hug. It is sort of like his expectations overwhelm me and I retreat.... There is a blizzard going on outside, and we are house-bound as a family. But thankfully, I went grocery shopping and have some Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. We then grab the camera and start taking silly drunk pictures of ourselves.