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I joined ’em, set up profiles, connected with girls, took them out and I learned all I’m about to quickly share with you now…Social Sex is one of the top ranked free sex sites that exist today.The site creators have spent years perfecting this site to provide the some of the best features available when compared to any other hook up sites.

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Using a network dedicated to finding someone locally that wants to have sex is probably the best and quickest way to get laid.

With a simple registration process, friendly user interface and a get laid guarantee the site provides it’s no wonder it’s ranked as one of the best sites out there.

got off work friday and went to a shitty little bar not far from my house, some dude bought me a bunch of shots and I was hammered !!

I ended up at some other dudes place, there were like at least 5 guys there I think and I stayed all weekend just partying, I fucked all of them.

Has I joined each site I kept a rank of which sites were easiest to join and how user friendly they were from a technological perspective.

I focused on various components such as messaging, chat capabilities and search functions.

With a free trial membship and a 3 month guarantee, it’s truly a site that sets the bar when it comes to having sex with locals.

Check out this site - more than 8 years worth of members and over 480,000 members in Chicago alone, Fling as become known as one of the best adult personals sites when it comes to online adult dating.

However, it was still a pretty important factor in my initial joining process and should always be taken into consideration.

Since these were sex dating networks, I wanted to keep track of the number of individuals I was able to successsfully have a sexual encounter with.

Thinking that the more members a site has may mean it was better.