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Trying to figure out which results are from which database at Lycos is now rather confusing.It appears that ads come from a combination of Overture and Lycos' own Ad Buyer.

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So Lycos has launched Lycos In Site in two versions: Select (paid inclusion only) and Pro (paid inclusion and site search).

Lycos has introduced Fast Forward which provides search results on the side in both IE and Netscape.

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One small bit of good news is that for the moment at least, Lycos continues to provide access to the old Allthe Web database (the FAST Web Search database).

How much longer this will continue is unknown, and Lycos lacks most of the options on their advanced search form that Allthe Web offered, but at least the database is still accessible a bit longer.Also, the advanced search seems to be broken today. When that is fixed, it may go directly to the FAST results without all the other links.The "Fast Forward" function has been renamed "Sidesearch," and Lycos has released "Sidesearch" as a separate "Search Comparison Tool." Like the toolbars all the other search engines are now offering, Sidesearch installs in IE 5.01 or higher on computers running Windows 98 or higher.For common queries, the first listing is a collection of Lycos Network content, which may contain links to special partners (advertisers).Then, for about 50,000 keywords, there are ten listings from Look Smart."Ask Jeeves' Teoma search technology will deliver outstanding results to users of our new search-centric experience at " There is no more Allthe Web (or FAST Web Search if you prefer) database access anywhere that I know of.