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Winner of the coveted award - Hvy AA winner - Carson Hocevar Other winners for the weekend - Koulten Herbert, (Briggs Jr Animal), Carson Hocevar (Hvy AA, Briggs Sr Animal, Hvy Honda, Hvy 160), Bennett Lushin (Briggs Un R Animal), Chase Burda (MOD), Zeb Wise (Lt 'AA), Tyler Conover (Jr Honda), Addison Lushin (Sr Honda, Lt 160), Kyleee Allun (Red Rookie), Logan Heath (Briggs Lt WF), Clay Siegel (Briggs Hvy WF), Eddie Hartley (Blue Rookie) Several results have come in.Winning Drivers posed with Honda Rep Doug Foore at the Madera Good Times Club after the 2014 Western Grands Driver results not in order of their photo.

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Western Grands Champions 2015 Jr Novice - Izaak Sharp Sr Novice - Joel Broussard Briggs & Stratton Jr Animal - Jade Avedisian Sr Animal - Zane Almon Jr Honda - Colby Sokol Sr Honda - Zane Almon Hvy Honda - Antonia Boscacci Jr Stock - Carson Sias Mod - Famous Rhodes II Honda Lt 160 - Zane Almon Honda Hvy 160 - James Hilyer Briggs Lt World Formula - Famous Rhodes II Hvy World Formula - Eric Greco Jr Half - Tyler Slary ________________ USAC Honda .25 "Battle at the Brickyard" July 9 - 12, 2015 Braden Etchison-Red Rookie Cale Coons-Red Rookie Stone Christy-Blue Rookie Chase Burda-Lt 160 Justin Oplinger-Sr Honda Brady Johnson-Jr Honda/Jr Animal Back row - Carson Hocevar Hvy 160/Hvy World Formula Connor Gross - Briggs Lt World Formula/Lt 'AA Congratulations to the FAST TIME Driver's at the 2015 DIRT Grands in Terre Haute Jr Novice – Tyler Leek Sr Novice – Philip Junior Briggs Jr Animal – John Barnard Briggs Sr Animal – Logan Rhoads Jr Honda – Gavin Miller Sr Honda – Jackson Hickox Hvy Honda – Brayden Schutzbach Jr Stock – Jade Avedisian Sr Stock – Jackson Hickox Mod – John Barnard Honda Lt 160 – Chase Hyland Honda Hvy 160 – Joey Amantea ‘B – Douglas Dillion ‘AA – Ashley Ambrisko Jr Half – Jacob Samm Briggs Lt World Formula – Zane Almon Briggs Hvy World Formula – Logan Rhoads 2014 Western Grands Winners Madera, CA Jr Novice A Main - Kory Self Sr Novice – Christian Hamann Jr Honda – Bradley Erickson Sr Honda – Zane Almon Briggs Jr Animal – Colby Sokol Briggs Sr Animal – Zane Almon Hvy Honda – Eric Greco Jr Stock – Colby Thornhill Sr Stock – Cam Fiser Mod – George Kurtz Honda Lt 160 - Zane Almon Honda Hvy 160 - Daniel Anderson ‘B – Chase Ostman ‘AA – Ryan Ellinger Briggs Lt World Formula – Kole Raz Briggs Hvy World Formula – Daniel Anderson Half – Nicholas Stafford ________________ USAC "Battle at the Brickyard" July 8 - 12, 2014 Red Rookie 1 – PJ Majors Red Rookie 2 – Carlie Freis Blue Rookie – Jace Clark Jr Honda – Charlie Auld Sr Honda – Will Roland Hvy Honda – Harrison Halder Honda Lt 160 – Zeb Wise Honda Hvy 160 – Carson Hocevar Briggs Jr Animal – Charlie Auld Briggs Sr Animal – Aaron Bollinger Briggs Un-restricted Animal – Danny Sams, III Briggs Lt World Formula – Jaxon Bishop Briggs Hvy World Formula – Carson Hocevar Mod – Famous Rhodes Lt ‘AA – Zeb Wise Hvy ‘AA – Ryan Ellinger ___________ 2014 Eastern Grands - Ohio Briggs Jr Animal – Brady Johnson Briggs Sr Animal – Chase Randall Jr Honda – Cole Esgar Sr Honda – Alexander French Hvy Honda – Madison Boyd Jr Stock – Colby Sokol Mod – Chase Burda Honda Lt 160 – Chase Randall Honda Hvy 160 – Madison Boyd B – Kaylee Esgar AA – Ryan Ellinger Jr Half – Ryan Ellinger Briggs Lt World Formula – Jaxon Bishop Briggs Hvy World Formula – Ryan Young _______________ QMA Dirt Grands at Christian County QMA Taylorville, IL July 27 - Aug 2, 2014 Jr Novice – Chris Pritchard Sr Novice – Blaine Robbins Briggs Jr Animal – Jason Agee Briggs Sr Animal – Mason Magee Jr Honda – John Barnard Sr Honda – Case Turner Hvy Honda – Brandon Smith Jr Stock – Ty Turner Sr Stock – Jackson Hickox Mod – Douglas Dillion Honda Lt 160 – Brendan Wilson Honda Hvy 160 – Brandon Smith ‘B – Chad Baldwin ‘AA – Ashley Ambrisko Jr Half – Breanna Wirth Briggs Lt World Formula – Johnathon Gallagher Briggs Hvy World Formula – Breanna Wirth _________________ Big Events for 2013 Western Grands Champions Briggs Jr Animal – Hailey Bugg Briggs Sr Animal - Jake Andreotti Jr Honda – Peyton Sias Sr Honda – Jacob Tuttle Hvy Honda – Carlos Ramirez, III Mod – Ryan Ellinger Lt 160 – Joey Ancona Hvy 160 – Daniel Anderson Jr Stock – Joey Ancona Sr Stock – Richie Fenton B – Connor Snow ‘AA – Kyle Mitchell Lt World Formula – Luke Domenico Hvy World Formula Thomas Patterson Half – Evan Woodske ___________ Red Rookie – Katelyn Hettinger Blue Rookie – Brandon Fries Junior Honda – Justin Oplinger Senior Honda – Will Roland Heavy Honda – Brandon Grosso Light 160 – Kiel Cockran Heavy 160 – Sam Hatfield Briggs Junior Animal – Chase Randall Briggs Senior Animal – Tyler Ankrum Un-restricted Animal – Kyle Martell Light World Formula – Tyler Ankrum Hvy World Formula – Frankie Nervo Light Mod – Andrew Molleur Light ‘AA – Carson Hocevar Hvy ‘AA – Frankie Nervo 2013 Eastern Grands at North Georgia QMA July 21- July 26, 2013 EASTERN GRANDS CHAMPIONS Jr Animal A Main - Aiden Baker Sr Animal A Main - Ryan Ellinger Jr Honda A Main - Chase Randall Sr Honda A Main - Jaxon Bishop Hvy Honda A Main - Harrison Halder Mod - Andrew Molleur Jr Stock - Brady Johnson Sr Stock - Patrick Smith Lt 160 A Main - Chase Randall Hvy 160 A Main - Nicholas Hodgins 'B Class A Main - Adrew Molleur 'AA Class A Main - Jack Wehmeyer Half - Joey Azzata Lt World Formula - Luke Christian Hvy WFormula - Caterina La Bella FAST TIME WINNERS Aiden Baker – Briggs Jr Animal Jaxon Bishop – Briggs Sr Animal Will Roland – Lt World Formula Conner Snow – Hvy World Formula Aiden Baker – Jr Honda Colby White – Sr Honda Harrison Halder – Hvy Honda Chase Randall – Lt 160 Christopher Tullis – Hvy 160 Chase Randall - Jr Stock Samantha Osborn – Sr Stock Ryan Ellinger – Mod Conner Snow – ‘B Class Jack Wehmeyer – ‘AA Class 2013 Dirt Grands - Terre Haute, IN DIRTS GRANDS CHAMPIONS Briggs Jr Animal Aiden Purdue Briggs Sr Animal Logan Rhoads Jr Honda - Jackson Hickox Sr Honda - Andrew Layser Hvy Honda - Brittany Erlsent Mod - Calvin Carroll Jr Stock - Christian Bruno Sr Stock - Douglas Dillion Lt 160 - Andrew Layser Hvy 160 - Brittany Erlsten 'B Class - Brian Zyck 'AA Class - Brian Zyck Briggs Lt World Formula - Jesse James Bartlesen Briggs Hvy World Formula - Gary Bozowski Half - Wyatt Kennedy WELCOME to our New Advertiser - BARK COMPETITION Bark Competition was started in 1981.They specializing in chassis manufacturing and parts sales.If you would like to learn more about these and the many other exciting programs we have to offer please give us a call (260)347-4802, or email us. 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See the one he did with Justin Allgaier (former Quarter Midget driver) this week.

It's so important that our alumni mention where they started so that we can continue to grow Quarter Midget Racing. (read it here) Going to USAC event at South Mountain Park in Arizona.

Robertson is an orthopaedic trained hand surgeon from New Orleans, Louisiana.