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In the assistant screens that follow, the same protection will be set for all users you select here.

However, you'll be able to customize the settings for each person later.

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The first time you open Content Barrier, the Setup Assistant launches automatically.If, at any time, you want to launch the Setup Assistant manually, you can do so by choosing Window Setup Assistant….For more on managing user accounts, see the Mac OS X help.To configure users, check the boxes next to their names, then click Continue.This screen shows all the users you have on your Mac (including the Guest account if you have activated it in your Mac's Accounts preferences).

There are two types of user accounts: administrators and standard users.This prevents your users from accessing and changing their own settings.Content Barrier gives you two options: you can use your Mac OS X administrator password, or you can set a special Content Barrier administrator password.You add sites to the list by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, which puts " into the list.To change this to the site of your choice, double-click on that line and type the site you want to allow.But if you've set a special Content Barrier password, even users who are administrators will not be able to make changes to Content Barrier's settings.