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They have underminded the safety and freedom of women and children all across our nations, for which they should face treason charges.

Mass sexual assault is the collective sexual assault of women in public by groups of unrelated men.

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In July 2015 there were allegations that at least 20 girls at the Ho Tay water park in Hanoi, Vietnam, were reportedly sexually assaulted by a group of more than 70 men who assaulted, scratched and inappropriately touched them.Men groped the girls and tore their bikinis from their bodies, and Vietnamese officials blamed the girls for being attacked.The actor Waleed Hammad said the stress and fear he felt of men harassing him dressed as a woman was overwhelming.“I as a man could not imagine living every single day like that.” A study conducted by UN Women in Cairo concluded that 99.6% of girls and women in Egypt are subjected to sexually harassment.Several cases of mass sexual assault have been reported in India.

In July 2012 a teenager was sexually assaulted for up to 45 minutes by a large group of men outside a bar in Guwahati, Assam. British television presenter Saira Khan said in 2016 that she had been sexually assaulted by a crowd in Pakistan in 2007 while filming a documentary for the BBC. Female participants at We Are Sthlm, a summer music festival for teenagers in Stockholm, reported in 20 that they had been surrounded and molested by groups of males, mostly teenage boys.The reason statistics do not show more rape cases is due to the fear of Sharia, and that the women carry the blame.This is what the West’s political leaders have now imported into the West.They actually had some strict rules about things like adultery and used early forms of birth control.They also kept records of their practices, which paved the way for advances in sex in the centuries since.Let’s see then how long this habit of these men continues.