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"the gang" mostly constast of rednecks that have nothing better to do but make trolls out of themselves while in denial of their own trolling behaviour.

it seems these people have a tight nit group they call themselves "the gang" bunch of whiney ass nigger lovers that any legit black person would hate to be associated with, they run the room with an iron fist and to get recognized to spoken to in that room you must first be accepted by any one of the members in "the gang" they insist on KAPZ LAWK spamming each others names upon greetings insisting to be obnoxious and unwittingly rude,unbenounced to the pedophiles and Indians and Arabs, these neo nazis enjoy trolling anyone they deem stupid, retarded, "creepy" or ugly their conversations revolve around what this user said to that user last night and last week because she had rp sex with that guy even tho she was married to that other guy.Trying to keep up with this room is like trying to beat up a 6yr old kid with downs syndrome while he's having a fit, you will not understand how you got there and leaving will be an issue if you have low self esteem.The sudden influx of Indian cowfuckers has been greatly increased due to the fact that they have moar access to the internets as opposed to 10 years ago but that's only part of the problem Arabs have also stormed the castle so to speak with this site extending their propaganda in it like a bad fucking cancer that won't go away, promoting jihad-ism and being the main cause your society hates you.That being said, spammers and trolls get the most attention and love from admiring fans of that site because of their outlandish behavior and retarded wit The typical Chathour user is a stupid ignorant Nazi that's too pussy to fucking take it outside and niggers with overly high false egos coupled with sexually frustrated Indians and Arabs with homosexual tendencies.If you are unlucky enough to stumble upon her, then God Bless you!

Serena is a proud Aussie lesbian with a strong dislike of blacks, Indians, muslims, and Danny Santos who is obviously gay.

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AKA KURTINATOR or whatever shitty weekly name he decides to choose...

This fucker has nothing better to do than go to each and every room and spam his repetitive well known phrase: Suck the cock of Kurt. Take a look at his picture and figure that out yourself...

He is a lovable character that brings smiles to the faces of the disgruntled people in main chat (unlimited) and adult chat.