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Anyways, Jenny was a senior in high school and had turned 18 a couple months ago when I started noticing that she was often checking out my long legs and large breasts. Jenny78ph: I don’t mean to be rude, but how will this help me relieve my stress. Reaching me, she asked, her finger slowly moving between my breasts, “Do you want me to eat your cunt? “Pardon,” she asked, her finger slowly gliding to my erect right nipple. “My pussy,” I moaned again, a mixture of pleasure and pain. ” she asked, her finger now slowly travelling south. “If you want Jenny, I will teach you how to be a good submissive pet and how to pleasure a woman properly and in return be pleasured,” I continued, my finger now deep in her just lingering inside her warmth. “P-p-please, don’t stop fingering me,” she admitted, her breathing getting heavier. Her legs trembled and I added, assuming her true submissive nature would take over, “If you do not want to submit to me, if you are not ready to agree to my terms, you may leave.

Her constant glances had me wondering if she may be a lesbian or at least curious and decided to find out. Wanting her to touch me there, to lick me, I answered, “My cunt, please touch my cunt.” “Good girl,” she moaned, leaning forward and taking my breast in her mouth as her finger traced my wet pussy lips. She pushed me onto the bench and moved between my trembling legs. We will pretend this never happened, I will still pay you for the night and you will be free to continue to babysit Max if you are comfortable with knowing what you now know.” Her mind was clearly processing all my terms, all my words and all the things I was doing to her body.

Curious of what she did online, I searched her search history and learned she loved a site called Literotica, an erotica story site. Usually, it takes a while to come, but in a couple of minutes I could feel the volcano eruption of lust bubbling inside. Her small, perky breasts peaked out from her white lace bra. “Please take off the skirt.” Jenny obeyed sliding the skirt down her stocking clad legs.

Now I should note I am a computer technician and a seduction plan practically fell in my lap. Jenny78ph: I’m back and OMG you can indeed see the top of these things with this skirt. Looking up at me, she asked, “Tell me what you want, my pet.” “Eat my cunt,” I demanded. Jenny78ph: Yes Dr Meg: and I am also guessing it is one where one woman dominates and controls another. Dr Meg: And you are the submissive one, because after being high strung and stressed at school or work, you want to just let go and be told what to do. If there was an internal struggle between good girl Jenny and sexually curious Jenny it was a short one.

Jenny mentioned while babysitting one evening that her computer was running slow. “I need to come so baaaaaad.” “Tell me you are a lezzie-slut,” she demanded back, flicking my clit with her tongue. Going for broke, confident I had read her right, I said, backing up a few feet to admire her, “My sweet dear Jenny, it is time.

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Turn on your webcam and create your own video show, get all stunned, gain points and prizes, and get evaluated by other participants. Только премиум-пользователи могут просматривать вебкамы других пользователей.Всё, что Вам нужно сделать, чтобы стать премиум (GOLD) пользователем пожизненно и открыть данную опцию, это совершить единовременную покупку любого количества токенов!Being a dominant personality, dozens of naughty ideas bounced around my head. She hooked her finger inside my inferno and began tapping on my g-spot. Dr Meg: So I learned a lot from your fantasy, by the way. I looked down and saw her toenails were painted purple. I walked back to her and as my hand touched her skin she shivered.I installed a tracking system that gave me access to all her internet browsing before returning the computer to her a few days later. Once she was gone, I smiled at our conversation and at the potential. I had spasm after spasm like an epileptic as the volcano, dormant since the beginning of time, bubbled over. By writing your fantasy, you have allowed your pent up frustrations to be released and your true sexual desire to come alive. She looked pleadingly into my eyes, secretly begging for me to please her.Jenny asked if I would look at it for her; I told her I would but it would take a few days. My whole body quaked with one touch and I declared my sexuality without hesitation. I love licking your beautiful pussy and will be your lezzie-slave who drops to her knees anytime, anywhere to get just a taste of your perfection.” “Fuck, that is hot,” she purred, burying her face between my legs. If you are want me to become your mistress you simply need to undress for me.” Jenny’s eyes never left mine as she obeyed my order instantly and started to unbutton her blouse.