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Additionally, if you use other processes such as escalations, expense participation, and FASB 13, the system updates the recurring billings table so that invoices or vouchers can be generated automatically when the recurring billing process is completed.

The system can also generate prorated billings for partial billing periods and catch-up billings for unbilled periods.

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If you bill the tenants or pay the landlord the same amount on a regular basis, you can enter recurring billing information and generate billings automatically by billing frequency.

Note: The recurring billing process is billed in AREARS.

For example, if you have an annual billing frequency set up to bill every January and the recurring billing on a lease set up as 25,000.00 for January 1, 2007, through January 1, 2009, and you are first generating for January of 2007, the system views the annual period as February 2006 through January 2007.

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