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Some months later, I ordered some copies of the Westminster Confession of Faith and quietly began to sell them to fellow students at my cost. I finished it in a few hours, but I didnt go back to talk.

These folk had been carefully chosen because they had exhibited loyalty to the university. (My Dad was friends with the registrar at Presbyterian College, and they enrolled me there prior to arriving at Bob Jones.) But when all was said and done, dropping out in the middle of the semester and some courses not transferring, I lost forty-two semester hours!Back in the winter of 1966, a grad student friend of mine turned me in to the Director of Religious Activities because I had shared some Calvinistic thoughts with him. Beyond the students, some of the faculty left that same year, too, one of whom was Robert L. Reymonds youth minister at a church that he was serving part time in rural Georgia. Within a couple of days, fifty to a hundred of us were rounded up, and the law was laid down by the administration. I really loved BJU and had no idea that I had dabbled with something so evil and deadly. I love the school, and I dont want to do anything bad, but what can I do? Ill never forget his chapel message back in early November of 1967: We dont want any flower children here: no pansies and no tulip boys.Founded by a Methodist evangelist from Alabama, Bob Jones University tried to maintain a basic unity with all conservative Evangelicals (Fundamentalists), but they were super nervous about any movement that could result in large scale defections of young people away from the views of the churches that supported the university. That night, seeing the hand writing on the wall, I called Dr.

That pretty much explains their squelching of things such as tongues and Calvinismthe one appealing to the heart, the other to the head of vulnerable young adults. Then he turned to me and said, Bob, I thought of you like my own son. Nelson Bell, and he encouraged me to leaveits what his son-in-law, Billy Graham had done decades before That institution rivals anything outside of Maos China, he warned me.He also had an earthy quality about him and could be as crude as Luther.Yet, when he put his mind to it, he could preach the gospel as eloquently as anyone.Junior, on the other hand, was a brilliant man and a world-class performer; he had more cunning than Machiavelli and a strong spirit of control.Underneath, my guess is that he had a pretty bad temper to boot.The trouble was, he rarely put his mind to it, and just winged it in his chapel talks. The Third seemed to be in the shadow of his limelight loving father and godly old grandfather, the heir apparent who was never quite trusted with the throne.