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An alternative, cleaner way is to score the mesh side with a utility knife and snap off.

Apply thinset mortar on the surface where you will be affixing the cement board.

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Zhikun Qiu, the chief executive at Bank of China Johannesburg, said the deal held particular appeal given the significant economic development potential it held for southern Africa.“A new entrant will not only help to instil competition into the market but also serve to stimulate economic growth and job creation in line with the country’s established development plans.Cement board, regardless of brand, tends to come in 3' x 5' sheets, each about 30 pounds for 1/4" board and 36-44 pounds for 1/2" board.Sheets measuring 4' x 8' are available but tend to be unmanageable by most DIYers. Lay out boards but do not affix to the subfloor yet.Jidong and the CAD Fund’s shareholding in Mamba Cement is held through African Rhino Cement, which is 60 percent owned by Jidong and 40 percent by the CAD Fund.

The other shareholders in Mamba Cement are majority black women-owned and managed investment and operating group Women Investment Portfolio Holdings (Wiphold), with a 23.9 percent stake, and the unidentified holder of the limestone mining rights, with a 25.1 percent shareholding.

The Bank of China is pleased to have been a key part of such an economically relevant initiative,” he said.

South Africa’s established cement manufacturing giants have had to face up to increased competition this year when Sephaku Cement became the biggest new entrant to the sector since 1934.

Gavin Bouwer, the senior vice-president and chief manager at Bank of China Johannesburg, said yesterday that construction of the new plant would start in about three months and be completed in about 18 months.

Bouwer said the total project value was about R1.8bn, with Mamba Cement shareholders providing equity in addition to the R1.1bn loan.

Jidong will also enter into a production, management and technical services agreement with Mamba Cement to provide key management and support the operations of the company.