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I'm learning the Chaldean Culture, tradition and language.

That help to get a better understanding of how to co-exist. Could you please give us a little more information so we can give you a good answer such as: You are concerned about her cultural ways; you are shy or a language barrier. The Chaldean girl I like I've been friends with over a year.

MA BASEEMA, Middle Eastern Cuisine with Chaldean Flair gives you a taste of a culture that has one of the world's oldest cuisines, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia.

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I'm a Mexican-American, and this is how I'm goinng about it, plus it helps if you're Catholic too, like her. I'm learning the Chaldean Culture, tradition and language.That help to get a better understanding of how to co-exist. You smile and wave to the bride and groom, and you Tweat about this unique experience while you walk to the car.You just don’t know what else you’re in for at the reception. We never know what to call it or compare it to except perhaps a Native American chant. It’s a high-pitched sound made by flapping your tongue and repeating “la, la, la.” (You might have seen joyous Egyptian women doing it on the news lately after the peaceful revolution.) A woman may cushion the piercing noise by placing a hand close to her mouth, or go all out and grab the microphone at the reception.” The Crowns No one is competing with Prince William and Kate the Commoner.

Instead, the bride and groom are emulating Christ and his Church.Hi everyone, I'm new here and very curious about Assyrians customs and culture (Chaldean).My primary reason is because I'm currently in a relationship with an Assyrian.They are smiling so you figure it was probably a good thing.You can’t help but stare at the white bow on this groom’s left arm though.At church, you see only about 50 people when you heard there would be 600.