Cheats for dating ariane game

They range from easy and obvious, which you will probably pick up naturally, to some spectacular failures, which some of you may get naturally as well but veterans may not realize are there. There are also some hard ones that require some knowledge of the game mechanics to complete. You can probably figure out the rest by their name: 1.

I made it available in Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there is an experimental Android version which I have no idea how to use. Go to the options screen and you can turn on hints, go full screen, and turn off music and sound effects if you want. Not So Smart (get a perfect 10 date without the “smart” trait) 7.A lot of this stuff is available on the lower right corner of the screen. Well Protected (involves buying lots of condoms) 12. Casual Date (finish a successful date without changing clothes) 2. Not So Sexy (get a perfect 10 date without the “sexy” trait) 8.This is not a picture of him, this is a young Chris Pratt, who he idolized and used as his avatar. My tribute NPC uses the “Chris Pratt” look, which he would have appreciated. Cheap Thrills (before dinner touch her boob, then walk in on her while changing) 14. This score is used to calculate some of the achievements.

Once you complete an achievement, open up the gallery, and click on the name to see why you earned it. Here are the names of the 78 achievements, with some notes on the harder ones.

The museum and nightclub play a little differently depending on what Ariane is wearing. Let’s Go To The Mall (finish dinner at home with extra “nice” points and then let Ariane drive to town) 11. Downtown Nudity (a multi date achievement involving different locations) 1. Shutterbug (all 5 versions of the park photoshoot over many dates) 3.

There are also a handful of little surprises I won’t spoil. Twinkle Toes (win the new dance game without cheating) 8. Three for Three (Ariane has to hit all 3 of hers, too) 4.

--- Kiss Megan's Breasts (bad) Lick Megan's Pussy (good) --- (move your mouse on the head of the rotating arrow, while you lick her pussy) --- (With the dildo: Show Megan the Pink Dildo (mood -8 !

Dunno if I'm just lazy, but I wish the stats were at max first and not us clicking them 356 times.

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