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However, Big Mike is also frequently and closely involved with Morgan, Jeff and Lester in the store's plots, such as when the employees raid the Beverly Hills Buy More.

When briefly deposed by Emmett as store manager, the other employees show a strong sense of continued loyalty to him.

One happened when Lester, rather than reveal the "real" Lester, tore off his clothing down to leather pants and sang "Is This Love." I don't think any of us expected that to happen.

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He was then kidnapped and held in a Large Mart cage.

This was done due to Jeff and Lester previously kidnapping their mascot, Kevin Bacon.

For a brief period in 1988, Big Mike was a member of Earth, Wind and Fire, naming himself as "Rain." Although he failed at his own musical dream, his experiences led Lester to accept him as Jeffster! "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2" reveals that Big Mike is on a first-name basis with Buy More's founder, Moses.

When Moses informs him that the Burbank branch is on the verge of closing, Mike holds a "going out of business" sale, courtesy of Lester's brilliant scheme.

It is assumed that he still is no longer the manager for Jeffster! In the beginning of Season Four, Big Mike has been given the assistant manager position, with Morgan serving as the new store manager.

Mike had been trying to propose to Bolonia, and had asked Morgan's permission for his hand in marriage with her.As sappy as this show can be, it still gets me when it counts. But after a shaky first part of a season, I'm not optimistic with the tone "The Balcony" laid out for the coming weeks.The episode, like the season, was very uneven, relying far too much on fabricated moments that should come easy on—what has been up until season four—a breezy show.This change of his character may have been the cause of Big Mike meeting his new love and Morgan's mother, Bolonia Grimes.He was always seen as strict, angry, and selfish through the series until meeting her.He is an avid fisherman and frequently takes breaks during work to go fishing.