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In 1992 Cuba had an estimated population of nearly 11 million.

Since 1959, Cuba has been led by President Fidel Castro, whose socialist revolution overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista.

In the next 60 years, trade increased, as did immigration from Europe and other areas of Latin America.

Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Cuba, like most of Spain's Caribbean possessions, received little attention from the imperial government.

Especially in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Spain lavished attention on its mainland colonies in Central and South America and ignored its island colonies.

After your wedding, your Marriage Certificate will be prepared as quickly as possible and either given to you before you leave (time permitting) or couriered at the hotel's expense to the home address on your documents.

Your marriage is legalized by the Canadian Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Foreign Affairs department.

Over the next three decades, there were several slave revolts, but all proved unsuccessful.

Cuba's political relationship with Spain during this period became increasingly antagonistic.

Lasting only ten months before Spain resumed control, Britain's rule was of short duration.

However, in this brief period North Americans had become buyers of Cuban goods, a factor that would contribute greatly to the wellbeing of the island population.

Two-fifths of the Cuban population is Roman Catholic. Many of those who call themselves Catholics are also adherents of an Afro-Cuban religious tradition known as santeria.

The official language of Cuba and the language spoken by nearly all Cubans is Spanish.

They wanted to protect their investment in slaves and their access to the cheap labor of Africa from zealous imperial reformers.