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Muhammad Ali transformed Egypt into a regional power which he saw as the natural successor to the decaying Ottoman Empire.

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Muhammad Ali invited the Mamluk leaders to a celebration at the Cairo Citadel in honor of his son, Tusun Pasha, who was to lead a military expedition into Arabia. When the Mamluks had gathered at the Citadel, and were surrounded by Muhammad Ali's troops, he had his troops kill them.After the leaders were killed, Muhammad Ali dispatched his army throughout Egypt to rout the remainder of the Mamluk forces.As a reward for Muhammad Ali's hard work, his uncle Çorbaci gave him the rank of "Bolukbashi" for the collection of taxes in the town of Kavala.After Muhammad's promising success in collecting taxes, he gained Second Commander rank under his cousin Sarechesme Halil Agha in the Kavala Volunteer Contingent that was sent to re-occupy Egypt following General Napoleon Bonaparte's withdrawal.He later married Ali Agha's daughter, Emine Nosratli, a wealthy widow of Ali Bey.

In 1801, his unit was sent, as part of a much larger Ottoman force, to re-occupy Egypt following a brief French occupation that threatened the way of life in Egypt.In 1801, he allied with the Egyptian leader Umar Makram and Egypt's Sheikh of Al-Azhar University.During the infighting between the Ottomans and Mamluks between 18, Muhammad Ali carefully acted to gain the support of the general public.To accomplish this, Muhammad Ali 'nationalized' all the iltizam lands of Egypt, thereby officially owning all the production of the land.He accomplished the state annexation of property by raising taxes on the 'tax-farmers' who had previously owned the land throughout Egypt.The expedition landed at Aboukir in the spring of 1801.