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In my opinion, most men are falsely accused of being sexual deviants.

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Key findings include: The top 3 reasons why people over 50 try an online dating site are: This online survey of 1,000 adults 50 and over who were single and either currently dating or interesting in dating was conducted by Research Now from October 22-26, 2012 using an e-rewards online panel.

There was a split between AARP members and non-members.

"People do want to know if they're having sex as much as everyone else," says Buss, co-author of the 2009 book Why Women Have Sex.

"If they're not, they may feel deficient in some way or that something's wrong."But, he adds, "there are huge individual differences in sex drives and individual differences in sexual chemistry within relationships and all sorts of other things — job stress, kids — all sorts of things influence it.

It would be alarming if people got too overly concerned with where they stack up in terms of frequency."The U. survey sample, which is not nationally representative nor randomly selected, is 89% white, 68% women, and 56% ages 35 and older."Probably at best, it tells us something about the white, probably better-educated, somewhat higher-income population in the U.

S., which is a population we know a fair amount about already," says sociologist John De Lamater of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Have you established an escape plan if, god forbid, your dude or lady should attempt a boa constrictor’s full-body mega-squeeze? What if we, as a species, simply don’t know how to cuddle?There are plenty of ways to find out about sex, at least in a rudimentary sense.The overall sex category had more than 2,200 respondents.Psychologist David Buss of the University of Texas-Austin studies sex differences and urges people not to think of this survey as a benchmark of sexual frequency. When two people don’t know each other well, post-coital small talk is worse than elevator small talk, and only 10 percent less excruciating than funeral small talk. The core of cuddling’s awkwardness arises from the physical uncertainty of the situation.