Dating someone with chronic fatigue syndrome

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The only mood-related aspects may be irritability and depression from being unable to lead a normal life, but everyone will react based on their own personality, if at all.My ex was bipolar, and they are completely different and unrelated. Because he is suffering from an illness, he might not be "worth her time". CFS is not the same as bipolar, it is exhaustion, not mood swings.disease_id=32&channel_id=1044&relation_id=26330I have a friend with chronic fatigue and in no way is she abusive to anyone, she just wants to sleep all the time.I think he is just trying to find a way to blame his anger and abusiveness on someone else or something else rather than deal with the responsibility himself.If you have ever been overly tired when you were ill, feeling that the life is sucked out of you, that is chronic fatigue, except you feel that way all of the time, never ever feel rested and as another poster noted, I have never heard meanness associated with people experiencing CFS.

PTSD or bipolar is another thing but sounds to me like he is using whatever condition he has to justify engaging in abusive behavior which of course he does not (in his mind) have to take responsibility for because it is a condition over which he has no control.It's frustrating, but it's not an excuse to treat those you care about (or strangers for that matter) like dirt.If this girlfriend is concerned, read up on CFS and gain some understanding on the condition.As others here have pointed out CFS and bi-polar disorder are not similar at all.Besides, bi-polar disorder does NOT make one abusive.I truly admire her and when I feel in need of encouragement, I go and talk with her. It's beyond belief that any one could think in terms of "worth my time" based on an illness.