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People suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing for seconds or minutes at a time during the night.Arrested breathing results in restless sleep, frequent awakenings, headaches, loud snoring, and memory deficiency.Sleep apnea especially affects those who are over 50 years of age, male, and overweight.

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They'll determine if you stop breathing for more than ten seconds at least five times an hour.Surgery can be used to remove throat tissue or tonsils.Your general doctor can supervise an overnight observation by a neurologist, pulmonologist, or polysomnologist who study aspects of sleep behavior.They might hook you to sensors to measure your brain waves, muscle movement, pulse, and oxygen saturation.Many people also find that changing the position in which they sleep can make it easier to breathe.

As sleep apnea is a dangerous medical condition that can be life threatening, it's a good idea to seek medical advice before trying any home remedies.

Many people with this condition wake up several times each night.

Overweight men of middle age or older are the most likely to have problems breathing at night, but others may also develop them.

People assume they aren't getting the best night's sleep, not realizing that they aren't breathing enough.

Sleep apnea makes you tired and irritable where you have trouble remembering or concentrating.

It's also important to avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed, since it slows down the nervous system and relaxes the muscles in the throat. Allergies are also associated with sleep apnea, since they make it harder to breathe.