Dating with privileges

The cops left me alone, except for asking (as I sat in the car waiting for them to get frisked) "What is a nice girl like you doing hanging out with these losers? How could they know that I didn’t have a flask in my purse, or were they making assumptions because of my gender?I began noticing that females often enjoy the privilege of appearing to innocent or having good intent.I remember one time as the only girl in a carload of boys, pulled over in a bad part of town late one Saturday night.

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More rungs of privilege were revealed to me in college, when I started making black friends.

There were only a handful of black students in my high school, and I didn’t know any of them very well. Though I never saw it happen, they claimed if they tried it, they'd be approached by security and maybe even accused of shoplifting.

The blogger's son was wearing a purple cast on his arm. That's when the black woman said, "Like CPS (child protective services) or something."Would you even think to hesitate to get your child necessary medical care because you were worried the authorities would be called?

The blogger mentioned that this was the second time her son had broken his arm this year, and the black mom asked "was that cast put on at a hospital? Or even that there might be a sliver of doubt as to whether those injuries were indeed accidental?

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I'm going to be 47 years old in a week, and I sometimes feel like I've learned many of lessons in my life, not just by reading things but by paying attention and thinking of things in a macro-societal way.

But sadly, even if I live to be 100, I doubt I'm ever going to learn them all.

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I was shy at this point in my life, and I had a deathly fear or standing out or being noticed.