Do tall guys like dating short girls

But it is heightism to assert that short women SHOULD be preferred because of their height.

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Since short women weight less, some men find it easier to experiment with them.A great thing about short women is that you can pick them up with ease and take them wherever you want.However, here is a list of the probable reasons that may put an end to this question altogether: Our relationship choices are largely determined by our psychological needs.When a guy towers over his girlfriend, he automatically feels more powerful in the relationship.However, some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm because they have always been very preoccupied with their height.

Innocence and humility can be very attractive in a woman.

Short woman look so cute and adorable all the time and a guy who’s fond of her will want to keep her safe.

Even though short women can be very feisty and defensive about themselves, their height makes them look vulnerable which attracts a guy even more.

Since most men have a huge ego (which they can never compromise on), tall women can make them feel inferior to them in no time so short women are definitely a safer bet when it comes to protecting their ego.

Tall woman know that they have it in them and they are aware of their options.

Men in general are very insecure even though they will never accept it so being with someone who is short makes them feel dominating and the fear of losing a girl does not come into play. They are like a guy’s arm candy (of course he loves her).