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"If anyone recognises the image of 'Hanna' aka 'Poison Ivy' as being a person residing in New Zealand, we would encourage them to contact police," they said.Whether this was coming from New Zealand, or not, it blares loud. Welcome to a trip down an internet rabbit hole, into the depths of a weird e-dating relationship and a blur of alter-egos, mean jokes, and human connection.

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and the only way to do it properly is for a couple to suicide together."Koen admits he was exaggerating somewhat - but he stands by the rest of the allegations."My video is a little bit of a tip of the iceberg …

there's a lot more footage."This has been going on for months and months."Koen also plays Runescape, and while e-dating was not uncommon there was something about this relationship in particular that caught his eye.

Another read: "A New Zealand teenager's online antics with men have hit headlines around the world but her supporters deny any sinister intentions".

Under the Twitter handle "@Poison Ivy Lul" the girl, only known as Hanna, didn't directly dispute the claims, but she posted the articles. because they are weak and they deserve it."Her Twitter features a series of images of men engaging in perceivably humiliating and sexually degrading acts.

It's a saga that has been festering within a specific online community before it came into wider, public view.

Koen (last name withheld) posted his video on October 24 under the guise of Mars RPG.Stewart is a top Runescape player, and well-known in the community.He's been active online for a long time, playing the game, streaming and posting related memes on Twitter. It started with this post: "Hanna and I have been dating for over three months. But what's more distressing is another video, found now on You Tube, that also emerged during this time.Most with her name scrawled on their head, some naked."See what the police have to say," my editor says.A police spokesperson confirmed they were aware of the media reports, but were unable to confirm whether this person was in New Zealand.Do people actually think I'm getting trolled like Dave? He publicly declared his love and lust, and posted drawings of Hanna. As a high-profile gamer, Stewart would live stream - or broadcast - himself playing Runescape online to fans.