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The idea is to intrigue them enough to make them want to know more—not share your life story Men, if your profile is too short, you probably come across as boring and generic sounding.

Also, you are no help to the woman who is a great catch, but has no clue what to write to you! One thing a healthy and happy single looking for a great relationship doesn’t want is to bring drama and negativity to his life.

I come from a good family, have good education and by this I do not mean ...

A headshot and a body shot are best, and then if you want to add photos of you with friends, fine.

Please don’t be guilty of false advertising by posting a photo where you were ten pounds lighter and five years younger. Ladies, if your profile is too long, men will pass it by.

If you'd like help rewriting your profile or creating letters that get you results in the online dating world, send an email to [email protected]

Online dating has gone from a punchline akin to mail-order marriage to an accepted and widely used mode of social interaction in a relatively short time. The most obvious being false advertising—the reason he posted a picture from 10 years ago is because he had hair and a six-pack then, not a comb-over and pleated khakis.

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