Flex validating combobox

For example, the Drop Down List control only lets the user select from a list of predefined items in the control.The Combo Box control lets the user either select a predefined item, or enter a new item into the prompt area.

Thanks to Roger Braunstein for writing and publishing this Action Script validation tool.

It was very helpful for someone who is just getting into Flex.

The Combo Box control is a child class of the Drop Down List Base control.

Like the Drop Down List control, when the user selects an item from the drop-down list in the Combo Box control, the data item appears in the prompt area of the control.

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always throws invalid although the string given at input is ok!You set prompt text on a Combo Box control by using the The blog shows how to load an external XML file into a Combo Box.Flex4Fun has an example that adds icons to the Combo Box item Render and another example that adds icons without creating a custom item Renderer.Keyboard navigation when Combo Box is closed The Combo Box control has the following keyboard navigation features when the drop-down list is closed: The Spark Combo Box control supports adding prompt text.Prompt text appears in the prompt area of the control when no item is selected.Sensaran’s Weblog has an example that adds an editable Combo Box to a Data Grid.