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I had absolutely no knowledge of the range of buggies […] Keep reading Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy is essential for mums and babies – we don’t often hear (or adhere to) the old adage of eating for two these days!

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) – discusses her experiences of breast feeding, and the benefits of it.

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to feed your baby.

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I had decided early in my first pregnancy that I would do […] Keep reading Broken sleep are an inescapable part of parenthood but there are some well-known techniques that may help a baby to sleep a little bit better.

Swaddling offers lots of comfort to babies – it makes them feel as secure and cosy as they did in your womb – but getting to grips with wrapping techniques […] Keep reading Lauren from Belle Du Brighton has just had her second baby.

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Baby Clothes With so many different products available today for your new baby, it can be hard to really know what you need and what is simply a nice extra to have.