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I hooked up with some of the hottest girls you could possibly get from the internet. On DIA you can only have one profile picture, spend some time and ask a girl to comb through your Facebook photos and find the picture that you look the most attractive.I can honestly say I have internet game down to an art. I have literally doubled my response rate by changing my main photo.I spent 3 months going from city to city meeting and hooking up with Philippinas. I have been to some untouched areas and now I will drop all my knowledge about this amazing country.

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Honey, I will come to spend time with you and you and have lots of fun too.I want us to spend our time in the classiest places in your country.Then I was able to capitalize on over half of them, and the other half didn’t happen because I didn’t have enough time in that specific area.I used to believe that you needed to wait for an IOI to hand out numbers, but after witnessing THC sneak up behind a girl and give his number in a very awkward and embarrassing situation, where the girl aggressively through the number into her bag and said “whatever”. Because of seeing that I now know that I have missed many opportunities with some of the prettiest girls in this country.Since there was no time to contact you any longer becos I never plan to live for Ireland, for your bank account details to do a bank transaction and bank transfer will take me a long process, I had no option than to sealed the money in the laptop park for your to care for yourself till I come.

HP Product Laptop, Rose Flower and xmas flower, Sunny Digital Camera, Gold necklace with ring (engagement ring), christmas card, two of my personal pictures and the sum of (£10,000) pounds sealed in the same computer pack NB: Go to the company website click tracking and paste the Username and password to long in, you see your information and thereafter click below to paste the Tracking no: to see the movement of the parcel to know when the gift will arrive.It also depends on what area they live in as some conservative Philippinas are as feminine as it comes. Many have been dumped by previous playboy types that have come through town.Also because girls here are Catholic you have to understand that these girls have been told all their lives that sex is bad, so game accordingly.Many guys have no idea what to put in their profile.I wrote mine trying to hit as many attraction switches as possible.There are many clubs and bars that you sit down at, if this is the case you are better off approaching on the dance floor.