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The question of the role and meaning of masculinity is especially strong in younger men – men in their late teens and early twenties – as they strike out to find their own place in the world.

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are designed to influence you; the whole point of advertisements is to sell products and services – in this case, by equating said products or services with over the top stereotypes of the “ideal” of masculine identity.

They serve as a socializing agent, spreading those ideals through continuous exposure.

well shit son, you’re just Mind you, these are very strict heterosexual standards.

The story of manhood in these messages is one of a very narrowly defined form of heteronormativity; to deviate even slightly from this model of manhood is to be to be penetrated – and thus, dominated – rather than the one in charge. Anything with a whiff of femininity – including the expression of any emotions (besides anger or stony indifference that is), caring about one’s appearance or even drinking the one, with minimal investment or worth given to any life path that doesn’t involve hunting, ranching or building.

There is, in fact, a distinct anti-intellectual thread to the ideology of hypermasculinity; men live lives of .

Anything less than the pinacle of the manly ideal is seen as grounds for punishment – being exiled from the company of men, denied the fruits of masculinity, or even violent reprisal.When the imagery becomes as prevalent as it has, it almost becomes subliminal; we know it’s there and what it’s saying but we don’t consciously perceive it.It has become the background noise of our day to day lives that we absorb it passively, without thinking about the context or what messages it sends.Younger men are more often the ones seeking out their identity.They are more likely to look to others for ideas of gender presentation, and thus they are the ones whose behavior is more likely to be influenced by media and reinforced by their peer group.Male-oriented advertising is targeting young and impressionable men looking for guidance…