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Like most musicians looking for a way into the business, Alpert pursued a variety of creative avenues including acting, (as an extra in Cecil B.

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Along with Clark Gum's The Teaberry Shuffle and ABC's The Dating Game Theme, Alpert's music easily found its way into my consciousness along with every other kid who he inspired to pick up a musical instrument.

For me, revisiting the music of the TJB takes me back to a simpler time, where music made everyone feel happy and secure.

On the strength of his demo entitled The Lonely Bull, Alpert found his niche in popular music; ultimately coexisting with other jazz and pop artists that defined the music of the 60s and 70s.

As a youth growing up in Iowa, my family always played Tijuana Brass LP's in our home.

Recently, I visited Alpert at his Malibu home to discuss his life in the arts for my interview series produced for NYU Jazz Studies. Alpert, born and raised in Southern California, began playing trumpet inspired by the burgeoning cool jazz movement of the 50s.

Realizing early on that his favorite artists like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan and Stan Getz gained early commercial success by finding their own musical style, Alpert set out to do the same.

There are so many songs out there that a 20 CD box set could be compiled.

Here my friends are 100 tracks to burn on 4 discs to play at your next social gathering.

And the LP cover featured the image that tantalized a whole generation of fathers and sons with its confectionery erotica.

For trivia buffs, the cocoa-skinned model was Dolores Erickson, and what she was strategically swathed in was actually shaving cream.

I believe all of the songs featured are out of print but I could be wrong in some cases.