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With our futures completely in God’s hands, we both took a big leap of faith by joining Christian Mingle.”It seemed almost impossible to meet someone on our little island in Hawaii, but we found each other right away!

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There’s no time like the now to begin your online dating journey.

When you register at Christian and create your quick and easy profile, a whole universe of Christian singles will unfold. “After years of healing from painful past relationships, Bryan and I didn’t know if we would ever love or marry again.

Your Christian Mingle profile is so easy to complete, yet it highlights all that’s important to you. At Christian Mingle, you’ll find single Christian women across the globe!

Christian Mingle’s mission is to help you make connections based on common ground – shared interests, goals and values.

Alina was watching the San Francisco 49ers football game on TV at home with her dad, like they do for every 49ers game, and one of Christian Mingle's commercials was shown on the TV.

Her father, who usually doesn't bring up her dating life, eloquently mentioned to Alina that she should try the website.Christian Mingle understands that there are different places on what we call “the faith spectrum.” You have an individual approach to your beliefs, customs and traditions.It’s often easier to “click” with someone who shares your particular “faith spectrum” place, so we make sure you can search Christian singles according to religious denomination.While family and football is what brought us together, our faith is what will ultimately make us last.I now have a partner who supports and encourages me to develop a deeper relationship with God.On our first date we felt as if we had known each other forever.