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It's hard not having you around and things in my life have been stressful and I've taken my bad days out on you, but please know that you mean the world to me and I love you with every beat of my heart.

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Scammers operate from countries with low per capita income and even if a scam takes months to pay out it is worthwhile for them, even for just a few hundred dollars.

Scammers use services like Western Union because it is all but impossible to track the recipient of the money which can be picked up anywhere in the world.

Letter 12 i read your mail.i am very sorry for cristina and i know God would help her in every way to keep her safe..i haven't been online because i lost all hope and thought you were not on my side and did not believe me anymore.maybe i shouldn't have asked you to help way this wouldn't have happened between us.i love you,always have loved you and would still love you forever..i never break my promise and i don't give up just like that.francis was able to raise the money for christopher's operation and God willing he has been through a successful operation and is with francis at the hotel now.i am not angry with you and can never be angry with tried your best and God even knows you tried your best to help i guess you thought i was faking or lying to you and that was what got my hopes down because a relationship needs trust and believe and as i put my whole belief in you i also expect you do the same.i am still praying for cristina and waiting to meet you on messenger hear from you you and take care.i am with you always. i hope you and crisitina are good.i am still praying for you and cristina as i always remember you in my prayers. Letter 20 hello my love..sorry i couldn't be on.connection was still worked upon and came late but was asleep by that is the info my love NAME: QUARSHIE MAWUTOR COUNTRY: ACCRA-GHANA COUNTRY CODE:00233 lets talk in the morning and see what we can do before you send it and always with you my love.a nice sleep Letter 21 baby goodmorning i miss you and sorry i slept early yesterday..i was very tired after a wild chat with the commander to let me out of here within the course of the week..i received your mail and thanks a lot baby...i love you so much beyond imagination.have been there for me even with the little wealth you have to support you forgot something.had to give me an mtcn code so i give it to the code they would take to the bank to withfraw the talk to you X: X: X: Xhope to talk to you Letter 22 hello Pam went to the bank today and they said the cod was invalid and not gave us a wrong were not giving the money.

God would always be with you and would surely see you through.just need to have faith in him.i missed you too and was online thinking i could meet you on here..chris is doing a bit okay just that his injury affected him a little bit and he sees the doctor ever week but i know francis has done what it takes for a friend to do and he has helped me in every way to get my okay me know when you can get on messenger so we care and on my mind always Letter 14 we have been through a lot and we still have each other again.shows we are meant to be and we would be together forever.i promised you on the first day i was going to be the man to make your dreams come true and i am going to do that no matter what it are the woman i always see my future deserve the best and happiest things on this earth and one is me..i want to be the good husband you have always been waiting for. Sweetie, Can you try and get some lil money from them or something? Letter 23 baby why did you do this..i have a mail from francis and he said the code number you gave him is they are stucked in the are you playing games with them or what?

Welcome to International dating See why International dating is the fastest growing relationship site on the web.

Create your International dating profile to begin the exciting journey towards finding your match.A scammer could be a man or woman operating solo, posing as an attractive young lady, or part of an organized scamming operation.Such operations have been known to hire young Russian women to act as the voice on the other end of that romantic phone call.I am for you my love and i wait you any time as you like. You are the best in all the world very sincere with you in my words, my feelings and my emotions. baby you believe what they said and lost your trust you had in me?I send magic kiss to your sweet lips to test the sweet of your lips. i opened what they gave you and i read was only informing you about countries that are involved in doing that.for Christ sake i only needed that for my son..after all we have been through together you now tell me i am not the guy in the picture?Please have faith in us that we can make it through anything, together forever and always.