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Curious, he turned the samples over to the lab, who confirmed that that they matched the samples taken from Karen Beineman's ravaged body.

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Two days after her remains had been identified, a young man turned up at the mortuary, asking for permission to take snapshots of the body (which was angrily refused).Employees at the mortuary could not offer any clear description of the man.The killer's downfall, when it finally came, was more dependant on coincidence and sheer criminal carelessness than anything else...The first to get it was Mary Fleszar, in July of 1967.Karen's panties were wadded up and stuffed into her vagina, as some kind of sadistic afterthought.

Cops found the garment to be covered with with short, dark clipped hairs from someone other than the victim.Cops learned she was last seen with a fellow student, one John Norman Collins.But Collins was a personable sort, and, after questioning, detectives apparently accepted his alibi at face value.Investigations revealed that Collins was chronic thief, suffering from violent rages -- usually directed at females who somehow managed to piss him off.Ex-lovers described him as oversexed and a sometimes "brutal" companion, into bondage and repulsed by any contact with a woman in her menstrual cycle (several of the victims were snuffed during thier monthly merriment). Vanished from the campus of Eastern Michigan University at Ypsilanti, she was found by teenaged boys on August 7, stabbed to death and decomposing, with her hands and feet hacked off.Employees at the mortuary couldn't, however, supply a clear description of him to police(? A year went by before student Joan Schell was abducted.