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I'll be privy to a dance club or something and just be essentially sober and watch things happen. I'm not in the middle of the dance floor, you know? It'll be her first long-term break from the road in about five years. I don't know where to put it yet." A topic for her next record, perhaps. "I'm looking forward to having time to build and rip it up and start again," she says. Or if they do, it's only as an asterisk to an asterisk—like a tangent to a tangent of pop culture. Read on to hear Annie tease Fiona’s upcoming romance, Jordy discuss her singer-songwriter aspirations, and other cast members chime in with their two cents about filming scenes with Adam and Fiona.

When I reach Annie Clark, the 33-year-old musician who plays under the name St.

Vincent, she's in a hotel room in Toronto, nestled in bed even though it's 4 P. "I'm…visiting Cara for her birthday," she explains in the halting manner of someone who isn't quite sure what she wants to reveal.

"But I'm not, like, worshipful with the cult of wealth aspirations." Clark defines herself as more of an equal opportunist when it comes to inventive outfits.

"I've worked with stylists and worn designer clothes and had custom pieces made, which is a lot of fun.

Vincent in 2006, after several years of working with acts like the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens, and quickly won critical acclaim and a cult following for her complex arrangements.

With formal training from Boston's prestigious Berklee School of Music (she attended for three years before dropping out), the Texas native can play a wide variety of instruments, often layering them on top of one another to produce a vibrant blend of sounds.On the wings she wore for her Victoria's Secret anyway? "Dating Delevingne has made it harder for Clark to preserve that level of mystique—to put it mildly."There's been a little bit of enigma peeled back as of late," Clark admits."I was looking through pictures, and I look like a creepy serial killer lurking in the background. Everyone else is fun, young, and flirty, and I look like Yoko Ono, which I'm not mad about." She occasionally borrows from Delevingne's street-punk wardrobe, but only out of necessity. So if I'm going to get a coffee in the morning, I'll throw on drop-crotch sweatpants. She also has a reputation for her guitar-throttling, full-body performances.