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For more information on how to start a Windows Power Shell console that has the MDT Power Shell snap-in loaded, see This cmdlet updates an existing deployment share with the latest files from the Windows AIK or Windows ADK.

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Each of these is discussed throughout this article. Along with these task sequences and the many scripts and tools that MDT provides, the resources for a Windows deployment (driver files, application installation files, and image files) are stored in a network share known as the .You can download and find out more about MDT at Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.Although MDT can be installed on a Windows client, to take full advantage of Windows Deployment Services’ ability to network boot, a full Windows Server environment is recommended.To provide network boot for UEFI devices like Surface with WDS, you will need Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. NOTE] To evaluate the deployment process for Surface devices or to test the deployment process described in this article with the upcoming release of Windows Server 2016, you can download evaluation and preview versions from the Tech Net Evaluation Center.Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is leveraged to facilitate network boot capabilities provided by the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) server.

The boot media generated by MDT is loaded onto the Surface device simply by pressing Enter at the prompt when the device attempts to boot from the attached network adapter or Surface Dock.You can download and find out more about the Windows ADK at Download the Windows ADK.Before you can perform a deployment with MDT, you must first supply a set of operating system installation files and an operating system image.Reimaging will erase and overwrite the existing environment on your Surface devices.This process allows you to rapidly configure your Surface devices with identical environments that can be configured to precisely fit your organization’s requirements. Please do not reply to this mail; for comments, please link to I encourage you to quote this material, SO LONG as you include this entire document; thanks.