Psychic love and dating advice for men


February 2017 is an extremely powerful month – with Venus, Mars and Uranus all lined up in warrior Aries.

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READ MORE » YOUR LOVE SCOPE ADVICE IN FEB: LAST MONTH WASN’T THE BEST FOR MANY OF YOU IN THE LOVE DEPARTMENT.SOME OF YOU EVEN HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON ON A NEW RELATIONSHIP. READ MORE » YOUR LOVE SCOPE LOVE ADVICE IN FEB: BE OPEN TO SOMEONE WHO ISN’T YOUR ’USUAL CUP OF TEA’ THIS MONTH.Of course it also depends on your Venus and Mars placements too – as they have a bearing on who you will attract too.Your Sun sign or birth sign has very little to do with it believe it or not. If you don’t, why not order a chart via my website Order one for your other half while you’re at it!!READ MORE » YOUR LOVE SCOPE ADVICE FOR FEB: YOU’RE SUPER FOCUSED ON YOUR CAREER THIS MONTH BUT THE PLANETS ARE OFFERING YOU A CHANCE FOR LOVE FOR SINGLE AND ATTACHED TWINS.

MEETING SOMEONE FABULOUS OR PUTTING SOME COSMIC PEP IN YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP ARE IMPORTANT AND AVAILABLE...Aries is warrior country and naturally not the type of place where the goddess of love can relax.The tricky part is that Venus the goddess of love and money is on schedule to go retrograde in March, which means that it will be crisscrossing over this uncomfortable Aries harsh cosmic landscape until June. There’s a lot of fire and air energy this month and that always means that people got hot and bothered about various things and don’t have the ability to express themselves with words as well as they might like.Mars in fiery Aries will definitely rub some people the wrong way, for others they feel like they are invincible. It’s worth knowing so that you can see if it’s a sign compatible to Aries. Knowing what your Ascendant sign is, gives you a guide to your soul mate match.Whatever your Ascendant is, the opposite sign to that is your soulmate match.Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a masculine sign – so it will definitely have both the men and women born under that sign or those of you with Aries rising fired up.