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Although Sarah and Todd talked about having a traditional wedding, they eloped and their son was born less than nine months later, suggesting the purveyor of family values was practicing acts that produce families before marriage.

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Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, always provocative, And while Sarah Palin loudly threatened to sue Mc Ginnis and his publisher over what was reported in the book, she never did.Lawyers probably advised Palin that, in libel suits, truth is an absolute defense and, is the case so often with her, truth is not on her side.After her aborted run for vice president with running mate John Mc Cain, whose advisers picked her because they wanted “a celebrity” on the ticket, Palin ended up on Fox News, where channel executives admitted selecting her because “she’s hot.” They weren’t talking about her political appeal.Author Joe Mc Ginnis, whose string of best selling books about politics and politicians have led to more than one downfall of those who claimed to be what they are not, documented Palin’s fling with basketball star Glen Rice while she was dating her future husband as well as her six-month dalliance with Todd’s business partner Brad Hanson after they married. President Barack Obama is receiving heavy criticism from both parties for his illegal swap of 5 high-profile terrorist detainees in exchange for Bergdahl – a man who dishonored his uniform and his country.

And if you weren’t already convinced Obama loathes the military, please note how he has remained strangely silent about ‘American Sniper’ and Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, even after Michelle let her opinion be known.

We will – we MUST – survive this President, but God help us survive the people who still support this.” – Sarah Palin President Obama has no guts.

He is a political being, and thought this act would help Democrats.

She doesn’t hold back: Here is what her post says (above): Yet again Mr. You boasted that your exchange of an obvious traitor for a group of known terrorists hell bent on America’s destruction is because “we leave no man behind.” You lie.

You left an entire nation behind in the Rose Garden while celebrating a military deserter whose treasonous act you smiled at for all the world to see.

Palin denies the drug use, along with reports of her rampant sexual adventures.