Self liquidating offer

The price offered is usually at a premium to the market price.

Securities and Exchange Commission laws require any corporation or individual acquiring 5% of a company to disclose information to the SEC, the target company and the exchange.

Property Division: To assist attorneys, mediators and their clients in matters of equitable distribution.Related Insurance Matters: To expedite the work of adjusters by properly identifying and valuing property in damage/loss matters to facilitate claim settlements and avoid disputes.A tender offer is when an investor proposes buying shares from every shareholder of a publicly traded company for a certain price at a certain time.The investor normally offers a higher price per share than the company’s stock price, providing shareholders a greater incentive to sell their shares.Whether you are moving, downsizing, or have experienced the loss of a loved one, leaving the arduous task of liquidating those possessions to an expert team helps relieve some of the pressures of what can be an overwhelming situation. What you can expect: Complete and partial sales of personal property are held on the premises with all items cleaned, attractively displayed and individually tagged.

Extensive newspaper advertising, email notifications to individual buyers, and a web page promote your sale prior to the event, while comprehensive signage the day of the sale attracts people from all over!

In some circumstances, an auction may better meet your needs. Ziemer is a licensed auctioneer in the State of New York and has conducted many auctions.

We also offer our services for antique consignments, charity, real, and business liquidations.

e have been providing satisfied customers with quality services in antiques and general household merchandise liquidations since 1978!

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A publicly traded company issues a tender offer to buy back its own outstanding securities.