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Fab Four: But John's increasingly crazed actions in LA were a disappointment for Beatles fans According to Mintz, from the moment John reached LA, his one thought was returning to Yoko.'He called her every day, saying: "When can I come home?

Re-united: John and Yoko Ono in 1980 'But if he wants to make it with another girl, what am I doing with him?

' But there was much else currently absorbing them and so the matter rested there for the present.

" ' Yoko, too, found the separation hard, but was determined not to weaken.

'I'd never been without him before, and for the first two weeks after he'd gone, my whole body was shaking.

Like that film, alcohol certainly loomed large in John's West Coast odyssey, as did loneliness and self-loathing.

'I hadn't been a bachelor since I was 20 or something, and I thought, Whoopee! But the reality of life without Yoko was 'god-awful'.May Pang's precise role in the scenario would never be clear, least of all to May herself.In the book she subsequently wrote, called Loving John, she portrayed herself as a young woman of strong Catholic scruples who was at first scandalised by the suggestion that she become John's mistress - even though, by her own account, they had already had a surreptitious fling in New York.Outside the bedroom, their relationship seemed as frantically fruitful as ever.They were both writing songs for new albums, and his latest lyrics abounded with adoring references to Yoko - 'I'm a fish and you're the sea'; 'Today I love you more than yesterday'; and 'Wherever you are, you are here'.More than friends: John Lennon with his assistant May Pang at the end of the Seventies They often discussed the raging sexual hunger that had been so easy to indulge when he was on the road with The Beatles.