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For 100 flyers, send to, SPLC Public Relations Guru Mark Potok admitted in Esquire magazine that The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website and long-time “Hate Map” alumnus, was the “work of a single individual” and “existed only in cyberspace”: Speaking of the Daily Stormer, the NARRG losers, who are still pretending that they are the National Alliance, posted this smear of the National Alliance officers by Garland Corse, pretending to be "Chips-Ahoy": --- Source: bbs.Chips-Ahoy posts as comment #62 in June 2016: “Likely source of note is one known provocateur and scum David Martin Pringle, who oddly now has evidently taken over the WV property and posted on SF honeypot that he has all the keys and Williams doesn’t.

Pringle worked with known Fed informant Lawrence Meyers, some of their handy work is also still all over the web, and on VNN as Pringle’s Lucky Jack tag teaming w/ his partner to destroy the NA and the legacy of Dr. Do some searches on him.” “Kevin Alfred Strom did the same thing when he left and started that copycat National Vanguard.

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For the record, I never outed Parnitzke, despite what SPLC reported, and I do not know of even one National Alliance member that the "good recruiter" ever brought into the National Alliance.

In fact he has worked overtime with his kooky campaign against me, trying to convince Alliance members to resign, though none that I'm aware of have paid any attention to his nonsense.

Both Demarais and "Vogel" were banned from Stormfront for their counterproductive foolishness.

The Virginia Circuit Court judge had 30 days after the 7 December hearing of Mc Laughlin vs.

National Alliance to rule on the Alliance's Motion to Dismiss the case.

Since 7 January fell on the weekend, the ruling should come down tomorrow, 9 January. As for the Internet Kook Paul Parnitzke aka "Paul Vogel," much of the backstory to his problems with me can be found in what's left of the 40 comments under the article here: Setting the Record Straight: About Will Williams MORE EVIDENCE of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s quiet transformation from “nonprofit civil rights organization” to “advocacy group” turned up today, serendipitously, as is so often the case.ET (9: 11 GMT) June 5, 1999 By Wendy Nakamura, Associated Press WASHINGTON DC (AP) - For almost fourteen years, he lived in a world of hatred, bigotry, and violence.He attended Klan rallies and meetings of buttoned-down intellectual racists in business suits in the most upmarket hotels.A recent story in the Ashland (Oregon) Daily Tidings reminded us of the SPLC’s boilerplate claim that its lucrative “Hate Map” fundraising tool did not include one-man “groups” (or “one-person” groups, if you will).The legend on the 2015 map included the same standard phrase the company had used for over a decade: “Websites appearing to be merely the work of a single individual, rather than the publication of a group, are not included in this list.” Thanks to the Daily Tidings piece about Radio Rense, a one-man online radio “network” run by Ashland resident Jeff Rense, we went to the latest iteration of the “Hate Map” to revisit the disclaimer, only to find it missing from the map’s legend.We did find one last mention of the claim on a related “Active Hate Groups” page on the site, but the claim is no longer part and parcel of the “Hate Map” tool: “Entities that appear to exist only in cyberspace are not included because they are likely to be individual Web publishers who likely to falsely portray themselves as powerful, organized froups [sic].” Just before the November 2016 elections, SPLC Public Relations Guru Mark Potok admitted in Esquire magazine that The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website and long-time “Hate Map” alumnus, was the “work of a single individual” and “existed only in cyberspace”: “The Daily Stormer is mostly Andrew Angelin [sic], his dog, and his computer,” says Potok.” As usual, even the most casual perusal of the “hate group” list reveals several one-man bands at first glance, and would no doubt give up more at the hands of an actual journalist, if any still survive...