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My client was convicted of a DUI involving an accident. Nonetheless, these firearms have significant sentimental value to my client. Three jurors believed that my client wasn't guilty. When the detectives discovered the pills they questioned my client about them.

The victims of the DUI asked the court to award them approximately ,000 in restitution. My client told them that he didn't have a prescription for them and that an "unknown friend" left them in the drawer. In Santa Clara County my client was charged with transporting methamphetamine (Health and Safety Code section 11379) and possessing methamphetamine for sale (Health and Safety Code section 11378).

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My client was alleged to have visited the home of his ex-wife and harassed and threatened her and her new boyfriend. My client's felony auto-theft conviction under Vehicle Code section 10851(a) was reduced by the court from a felony to a misdemeanor. His house was burglarized by someone who was 5150'd. In fact, he was arrested for allegedly making death threats against them. My client was charged with possessing 18 grams of marijuana for sale. He has a scale, mildly incriminating text messages and got caught lying to the cops about the amount of marijuana in his car. The officer stopped her and asked her if she had anything illegal on her. The officer asked for consent to search the jacket. The cop finds a meth pipe in a jacket that she is carrying. [We lost the motion to suppress evidence prior to trial which challenged the lawfulness of the encounter here].

My client said that his ex-wife's new boyfriend threatened and harassed him when he got there. The court then granted my client's request to set aside the conviction and enter a not guilty plea under Penal Code section 1203.4. And, you won't believe it, but the City says that my client's guns should be taken away! Anyway, we won the Welfare & Institutions Code ยง 8102(c) opposition. My client was accused of embezzling over ,000 from her employer. The District Attorney told my client to plead to two felonies. The neighbors alleged that my client also threatened to burn their house down. The judge denied the neighbor's request for a restraining order. Client doesn't want any arrest record because he holds a professional license. Anyway, my client wants her trial because she doesn't want to do 15 days jail. In San Mateo County my client was charged with possession of Clonazepam (Health and Safety Code section 11375(b), a misdemeanor).Singles Groups are sub-listed by: singles dance, single volunteers, networking mixers, parties, nightlife, and singles clubs.also lists speed dating companies, wine tasting groups and dining clubs.You can meet potential dates at a singles event or singles activity.Meet single volunteers, meet dates at charity fundraiser, singles wine tasting, dining club or dance. social clubs, social events, speed dating events for singles in Washington D.