Stop dating the church

After Harris frames this confounding argument for why we should love the Church.

Harris talks about such important matters as praying for your Pastor on the days leading up to his sermon.He points out that we ought to schedule our Saturday's so that we will have plenty of rest before coming to Church on Sunday.Even when I moved out of my parents house the first thing I did was join a church and got involved.However, it wasn't until I started studying Calvinism that finding a church home became a problem.This is exactly why so many people date the Church.

They do not put the Church's needs before their own plans.I'm still looking for a church home with Christ Reformed Church being at the top of my list, but I haven't really committed to that congregation for the following reasons; 1.It's kinda far (Anaheim's about an hours drive and my car sucks), 2.In Joshua Harris's fourth relationship book, Stop Dating the Church, he challenges his readers to consider their relationship with the Church.He begins by laying out his own testimony on how he was a Church dater.We treat church with a consumer mentality-- looking for the best product for the price of our Sunday morning.