Tufts dating scene

It does have have work hard play hard mentality but there is so much more that Tufts students like to do.

Many weekends Tufts brings in guest lecturers and shows for the students.

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I have some friends that don't drink but they still come out to the parties and play drinking games with water or soda or get me to drink their beers for them.

We have something like 8 frats and 3 sororites and 1 co-ed fraternity.

Freshman year is very dominated by frats and after usually more dominated by house parties or going to bars.

It is definitely possible to party as much as you want, but for the majority of Tufts students, partying is not their main priority.

Alot of students party on the weekends, and if you have a fake ID then you can go out to bars during the week.

Frats and sororities are pretty important, but personally, I would never pay for forced friendships.Sororites cannot have parties but frats certainly can.The co-ed frat is actually just a frat but has girls that live in the house and are members.If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday then I am studying.Every year Tufts has what is called the "Naked Quad Run" or NQR.There is a lot to do in the Tufts area / in Boston so having a good time is never a problem.