Updating navigon 7200t

If there are any incidents along your route, you'll see a little exclamation point on your map screen (as well as get an audible cue) and by tapping it, it will bring up a list of congested areas.

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When you first use the voice command system, you do a little test read in your car so the GPS can learn your voice and the environment in which you'll be using the 7200T.

The first couple of times we used the voice entry system, the results weren't very accurate, but the more we used it, the better it got (check out the Performance section for more details).

The extra steps required on the Navigon 7200T, but it definitely made us appreciate the simplified interface of the other units.

There's a power button on top of the unit, while there's a micro SD expansion slot, a reset hole, a mini USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.

Buyers lose enhanced positioning technology and the ability to upgrade to handle traffic data (which the 930 can only do via Bluetooth with a cell phone and data plan, unless you spend another for an RDS-TMC receiver).

Other premium features, including a media player, FM transmitter, and even Bluetooth connectivity, all remain.The 7200T follows a similar story line, but with a happier ending.The GPS offers an attractive design and plenty of features, including voice address entry, 3D landmark renderings, text-to-speech functionality, and integrated Bluetooth.Having to compete with the likes of Garmin and Tom Tom is no easy task, but Navigon is hoping to woo some new customers with the Navigon 7200T.Now, in the past, we've always commended Navigon for offering feature-rich GPS for an affordable price, but we've had issues with the spotty performance and the complicated user interface.Also, the GPS features predictive text, so as you enter letters, it will automatically bring up possible result matches.