Updating time zones fatal error

We advise that you test the upgrade first on a COPY of your production site, to make sure it works as you expect.There are three areas that should be backed up before any upgrade: See Site backup for more specific information.If you are updating plugins manually, it is a good moment now to check in the Moodle Plugins directory whether there is a 2.9 version available for any plugins (including themes) that you have previously installed on your site. In the next step, you will copy it to the appropriate location in your Moodle code (see Installing plugins).

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The last step is to trigger the upgrade processes within Moodle.

If you put your site into Maintenance mode earlier; take it out now!

You can use Git for updating or upgrading your Moodle. On Linux servers, Moodle 2.9 supports running the upgrade from the command line, rather than through a web browser.

This is likely to be more reliable, particularly for large sites.

If you have Antivirus or Firewall applications installed, ensure Rosetta Stone files and folders are added to the exclusions list. **Instructions below are for advanced computer users to follow.

If you are uncomfortable following the instructions below, then please contact Rosetta Stone Support for further assistance.

If you’re having issues with the Twitter app on your i Phone or i Pad, you may want to set your device’s date and time to update automatically.

Warning: date(): Invalid date.timezone value 'UTC', we selected the timezone 'UTC' for now.

A note of special thanks to Manuel Baldassarri for replying to my query about this in the community forums.

I looked everywhere trying to resolve this issue and it turned out it was simple.

= happy hacking :) For the example above we set up the Omega to for "Europe/London", however you may not want that due to your location, so instead you'll need to install the zoneinfo for your desired location.