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The ideas also work for singles wishing for a life of .

After all, you have no one to please but your own self.2. Secure that promotion you're after at work, sign up for to get your finances in order, or rearrange your bookshelf by color.3. Participate in a "Secret Valentine" with your friends.

Who needs a valentine when you and your girlfriends have each other? Whether you want to remain single for 10 more years or want to start dating this month, that clarity makes it that much easier to get there.

The perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for him is just a few steps away: Step 1: Look Go on a spy mission in his closet, on his desk, or around the house. Pay for his day on the slopes or in the bowling alley or for a cooking class.

Now, keep in mind this is not a stalker mission and your charge is not to snoop, but rather observe. Not in the walls or his pockets; the holes in his wardrobe, office gadgets, or his hobbies. Step 2: Listen If he's a man, more than likely he loves talking about himself. Us guys are just as likely to gab about what's going on in our lives as women are. The next time he goes on a rant about his wants, his needs or his frustrations, give him a few minutes of ear time. Listen and you shall receive the perfect gift idea.

Here are a bunch of sweet or cheeky gifts you can hand out on Feb.

Give a cute gift of love this Valentine's Day and show your affections with something special and romantic.Of course there are the standards: pre-packaged cologne sets, plush animals, chocolates...But will they produce the romantic wow you're looking for?Round up your girls, draw names from a hat, and buy whomever you draw a little something If gift-giving won't go over with your group, invite your friends over to celebrate being fabulous.7. Even if you don't want to right now or don't believe it will ever happen, everyone, including you, can fall in love. Buy your Husband or Boyfriend the perfect present this Valentine's Day.Romance comes from the heart, but it's born from thought.