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Kara rejoined DSP, and after seeing their album sales spike from all the publicity the scandal generated, they returned to the charts bigger and better than ever.

Still, nothing could offset the damage done to Hyori's reputation.

The superstar and sex symbol once voted “the Beyonce of K-pop” hasn't released an album since, and instead worked on her image with charity work and safe TV gigs.

Everyone from record execs and other artists to union members and fans had something to say about the headline-grabbing scandal, and for a while, it looked like one of Asia's biggest groups was done for.

But after four months, the dispute was finallyresolved.

Hwayoung and T-ara denied the rumors, but few people believed them, and when T-ara returned with a new single, “Sexy Love,” in early September, it failed to top the charts as their previous hits did.

Sales of “Sexy Love” remained steady, though, as the girls promoted the song with a series of pre-taped performances.As part of the reversal, they boycotted the remaining 2PM members and even hired a plane to fly over Seattle with a banner reading, “J. ” Park returned in 2010 with a viral cover of B.o.B.'s “Nothin' On You,” which he later officially released in Korea, where it became a huge hit. C'est un carton et Wheesung s'impose comme une valeur sûre de la pop coréenne.Son service militaire a été repoussé pour novembre 2007 pour la sortie de son nouvel album en juin. 1in the world for hard liquor consumption, and it's not unusual to see K-pop stars boasting on TV about getting bombed. A lesser star than Big Bang's G-Dragonmight have been jailed for smoking pot, but after he tested positive for marijuana use late last year, the rapper offered up theleast likely excuse for toking upsince Bill Clinton said he didn't inhale: According to GD, he accepted what he thought was a “strong cigarette” from a stranger at an after-party, and was just too drunk to realize that it was actually a blunt.