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I am a kenyan woman seeking a man to spend the entire life with. have an average body with a little baby fat in my tummy but i believe i am beautiful.Looking for a sincere man I am a down to earth person who loves laughing and never gets angry with anyone, I believe in talking whenever there is a misunderstanding.

I’ve been to se asia and peru alone before and got a lot of hassle in peru for being blonde, which is fine (ish) but peoples stories of kenya do seem a bit more serious than just the ocassional comment from locals. cheers I spent 3 months living in Nairobi back in 2005 so this isn’t exactly the most recent story, but I had no problems at all as a solo female.

I was working at a school in one of Nairobi’s suburbs, using public transport (alone) every day and meeting (local) friends in Nairobi at the weekends.

If not at work or church i enjoy listening to some christian worship Am Kezia 29 years old lady from Nairobi, kenya turning 30 years on 28 the of April. I am humble down to earth lady, loving, caring, sweet, kind, honest, trustworthy loveable, Social, outgoing and understanding, Usually pend my free time watching movies and listening to music.

Hello, I am a 20-something Canadian male from Toronto area working in Kenya. What does it mean if she has/has not introduced me to any of her friends.

I am 5"1 and average in personality, likes casual wear and in general I love I a lady with great personality, born again, humble I like travelling, watching movies, reading inspiration books & bible Am second born of five I work pck Long hair, attractive ofcourse a modern handsome good Hi, am kind, slim and tall, spend my time with my family, I like cook, swimming gymnastic and listed to music, I grew up in Kenya.

Tall and slim, like fitting dress, tops dresses, trousers and shorts.

Ofcourse there are some places that aint safe but generally you will be safe. I’d say book tickets that you can change the return date so you can extend your stay if you want to! Tourist visas last 3 months for both Kenya and Tanzania.

A DATING website set up for white men seeking black women has been launched.

Seeking long time I am a humble, hardworking, honest, God fearing lady.

Very transparent so one of the main qualities in the person am looking for is transparency.

Often people would offer to walk me to my destination, or one time when it was getting dark, a lady went out of her way to walk me to my stop and put me on the matatu safely.