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” Nobody’s came at me foul, or said anything crazy; everybody mainly shows me love.

Weezy, for example, wouldn’t be the superstar he is today if it wasn’t for his hot streak of mixtape releases between Carters II and III, and it’s not unlikely that one of the rhymesayers whose free mixtapes we’re currently enjoying is soon to become the Next Big Thing (Charles Hamilton, we’re looking at you).

No discussion of mixtape successes would be complete, however, without mentioning the Mixtape Messiah himself.

Though 2007 found the emcee reveling in his Ultimate Victory over the industry, the forthcoming Venom will showcase an artist more ambivalent about his stardom.

Case in point: lead single “Creepin’ (Solo),” in which the Chamillitary Man laments the fact that his success has made it difficult for him to trust anyone.

Even though I’m gonna erase that from my slate this time and be a new artist on this new album and all this new material I’m releasing, you can’t take that from the history books. Since last we spoke, Cham, you released two more editions of Mixtape Messiah, including the newest one, MM5. The only thing with me is, I’m a perfectionist, so sometimes I have a lot of material that I just don’t release.

You’re manufacturing mixtapes these days more than General Motors is manufacturing vehicles – how long does it take you, usually, to complete a project? I’ll be like, “Eh, I’m not feelin’ that.” Everybody else around will be like, “You’re crazy!

I try to only put out the ones I think are super dope. ”Chamillionaire: A lot of people in the industry respect my mixtapes. There’s been a lot of big artists who, I see ‘em, and they’ll say something about a freestyle that I did, and I didn’t even know they were listenin’.

Like, I was trippin’ when I ran into MC Hammer, and he was sayin’, “Thanks for the shout-out on the mixtape,” and I started thinkin’, “Oh, shoot, I did shout him out on a mixtape.” When I bumped into him, he was tellin’ me he was listenin’ to the mixtape, so I was like, “Whoa, that’s crazy!

You gotta put that out,” but I know how my fans are.

I spit so many verses that are so hard that when I do one that’s just okay, then they’re always comparing it to the one that I did that was super dope. You’ve murdered beats, though, that other artists have used to create semi-successful singles, so has anyone ever called you up whose stuff you flowed over, and said, “Man, Cham, you did it dirty – you did it better than I did!

The Color Changin' Click or CCC, was started by Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, and featured rappers such as Yung Ro, 50/50 Twin, Rasaq (Chamillionaire's younger brother), and Lew Hawk.