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I can also pick up on other greens like patchouli leaves and oak moss. There's an ylang ylang which is most reminiscent of the ylang in No. The rose note is very powdery because she is embracing a discernable powdery iris note. They are carefully selected flowers in a fragrant bouquet.

The thing is they are not too strong and it never turns into a traditional chypre or earthy green scent at all. It does seem like the nose made it with love and care, attention to detail, like a lover would in choosing the perfect gift for his beloved. The elegance and beauty of this perfume is evocative of a young bride, a young lady, debutante, or as one reviewer stated on here, a ballerina.

I want to take this morning Valentines Day to express how I feel about Arpege, one of the most beautiful vintage classic fragrances ever made.

I have worn it for years and it always brings me pleasure, comfort and happiness.

The name was chosen by the daughter of the perfumer.

Since she had been involved into music she chose name “Arpege”, i.e. The original 1927 formula incredibly corresponded to its musical term - the notes of perfume play their theme alternately.

sketches of Jean Lanvin and her daughter Margaret, dressed in gorgeous violet dresses created in Parisian style.

Lanvin celebrates 120 years of the house with sketched black flacon with golden details and pink hearts around mother and daughter.

No matter who wears this, it's feminine, quite lady like. She is indeed very youthful but not so young as to have no taste.

It's a romantic perfume and I always wore it with my husband present and next to me at dinners in restaurants and at parties in the evening. It turns to powder, still smells of soap, has a bit of greenery going on, patchouli leaves, some light musk, moss, amber and vanilla. She has good taste and she is a high society daughter.

The first whiff you get is fresh uplifting aldehyde booziness with a peach and neroli. The ladies who have sported Arpege in all it's glory include Rita Hayworth, who made it her signature scent, but who was one of the biggest fragrance collectors in Hollywood.

She had a perfume addiction problem but there was no therapy for it then!

Arpege was worn by Eva Peron "Evita" the First Lady of Argentina in the late 40's .